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Introduction To Pompano Mold Inspection & Testing

Welcome to Pompano Mold Inspection & Testing! We are a dedicated team of professionals committed to providing a safe and healthy environment for every home and business in Pompano Beach and its surrounding areas. Our specialized services cover all aspects of mold inspection, mold testing, mold removal, mold remediation, air quality testing, and water damage restoration. Our mission is to ensure the well-being of our community by offering top-tier services that are efficient, reliable, and tailored to your specific needs.

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Our Approach

Our approach at Pompano Mold Inspection & Testing is underpinned by our commitment to customer satisfaction. We believe that each property and each situation is unique, and therefore, requires a tailored solution. This is why we begin every project with a detailed inspection and assessment. Based on our findings, we devise a remediation or restoration plan that best addresses your specific needs. We don’t stop at addressing the immediate problem. Our team also offers guidance and implements measures to prevent future issues, offering you a long-term solution. Whether it’s sealing off a potential mold entry point or implementing moisture control strategies, we go the extra mile to ensure you enjoy a safe and healthy environment in the long run.

Why Choose Pompano
Mold Inspection & Testing?

Licensed Experts

Our mold specialists carry state licenses, and we boast EPA certified HVAC experts.

Advanced Technology

We harness the latest in industry tech to offer you effective, efficient, and reliable solutions.

Comprehensive Service Suite

From inspections to remediations and cleaning, our offerings are all-encompassing.

Prompt Response

Recognizing the urgency of mold and water damage situations, we’re always ready to act swiftly.

Transparent Communications

We believe in keeping our clients informed, offering clear insights and regular updates.


Beyond just remediation, we work towards ensuring a safer and healthier environment for all our clients.

Find Us near you whenever you need most!

Don’t fear to call us to hear, ” Sorry we don’t serve at your location,” because it will never happen at Pompano Mold Inspection & Testing. We don’t limit our services to only our home regions. It’s because we strive to deliver wellness and the scent of freshness to everyone. Whether you live hundreds of miles from our home region – Pompano Beach, we stay ready and dedicated to providing effective solutions for commercials and residents with standard tools to all locations listed below. Protection of your property and health is just one visit away!

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